Why water comes out of A C? Know the Truth

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Today I am writing this post because i was also asked this question by someone , and I had failed to answer it , to tell the truth, I was very embarrassed,

So I thought I would collect information about it today, because the way these questions were asked today and I could not tell tomorrow, anybody else could ask.

Then I studied it completely and wondered why I would share it with my subscriber so that he would not have the problem like me. So let’s quickly find out why water comes out of A C.

Why does water come out of AC?

The process of removing water from Ac can be understood in such a way that when we add cold water to a vessel , the water pots are frozen on top of the vessel .
And after some time, these Drops accumulate under the vessel in the form of water, so when the AC runs, the gas generated passes through the pipes and the water pipes accumulate over those pipes. ,

And that’s why the water comes out of the air conditioner and turns it into water in the warm atmosphere outside.

Last Word
Now you must have understood why water comes out of A C. Friends, this was today’s small post, hoping you liked this post.

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