What is UPI , How to make UPI ID? | Full Tutorial

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What is UPI  – UPI’s full name is the Unified Payment Interface, also known as the United Payments Interface, UPI has been co-created by the National Payments Corporation of India and the Reserve Bank of India.

The government has created up to transfer online transactions from mobile directly to others’ accounts, the United Payment Interface (UPI) is controlled by the Reserve Bank of India itself.

The government has created its own UPI app for online payments through mobile, named after Bhimrao Ambedkar, the government has named its Official App as BHIM App.

You can download the BHIM app on your mobile by searching the Bhim App from the Google Play side App Store.

To make UPI, you need to have a smartphone mobile, as well as an Internet connection, and the rest of the things you need are:
You should have a smartphone. Your smartphone should have an Internet connection. You should have an account in any bank. The SIM card you are using in your bank account should be Registered in your account. Your SIM must have some money to send a SMS.

Method for Creating UPI ID

To create a UPI id, you can download any one of the UPI apps, either your bank’s official app or third party like Phonpe, Google Pay, Bhim Pay, etc.

After you download the app you want to open that app, you can download any app, the process of creating Bhim UPI id in all apps is the same.

First open the Bhim App.

Once you open, select the SIM that you have registered in the bank, and clicking on the Next button will make your SIM Verified in a few seconds, once you have set a Passcode to open your Bhim App.

After setting up the passcode , you will be asked to select the bank with your account , select the full name of UPI Kya Hai – UPI , which is also known as the United Payment Interface , UPI to the National Payments Corporation of India and the Reserve Bank of India . A has teamed up.

Your bank details will come automatically, select your account, select and select a Msg from your SIM and keep the balance in your SIM.

As soon as Msg goes, your UPI will be ready, in the last step you just need to enter a UPI PIN to secure your UPI, which will be mandatory when you transact.

Now you can send money to anyone by clicking on Send Money, and you can also charge money through UPI in your account, you can also enter the bank number from the UPI App and send the money.

Safety tips for taking up UPI transactions

When creating UPI in another app, make sure that the UPI App is not a redundant fraud application, so read Term & Condition when opening Upi.

If you don’t share the PIN you put into the UPI account, change the UPI Pin for a few days, don’t open your UPI account on another’s mobile.

If you’ve turned on the UPI App on your mobile, make sure to have a pattern or PIN lock on your mobile.

When making a payment with UPI, carefully check the UPI id and bank number, as the wrong number may lead to your money transfer in the wrong place.

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