What is Share Market ? How to Invest in Share Market Safely

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What is Share Market  This is a market in which shares are auctioned, which Share Market means. Mean Company Part.
For example: The number of shares that the company has issued and the share you buy according to the company‘s offer makes you fully entitled to the shares you can sell to any buyer.

Any share buyer and seller in Share Market place his order directly on the exchange through his broker and matches the exchange transaction.

BSE (Bombay stock exchange) is considered india‘s largest exchange with an index of sensex with only 30 companies, that will result in 30 companies, based on which the Sensex points are high and come down to a total of 30 companies contained in BSE. NSE (national stock exchange) is a nifty-50 with 50 companies.

How to invest in Share Market

Now when it comes to how to invest in Share Market, the first thing you need to do is open your Demat account side Trading account that will be associated with your saving account.
You can open your Demat account with any broker such as:

Acumen, sharekhan or Zerodha

And many more brokers have you account
You can open it.

Demat account opening |
Demat account to open
For Your PAN Card and Adhar Card
It is very important to be. A statement is also required from the bank where you have a saving acount

How to buy shares in Share Market.

Did you know that this is the best job of india? Often people are afraid of investing in it. But be sure, this is a market in which you can earn as much as you wantbut you have to have full knowledge about it, but there is nothing to worry about.

If you are a beginner, you need a candle chart for the stock to buy and sell.

You can also use the Zeroda chart ka in which you can open the zerodha chart with the login id and password. Or you can also use MARKET PULSE.

With the candlestick help you can trade
If you‘re new, invest at least a penny in the beginning because lot of money can be lost because you‘re afraid of losing money.

Share Market? – Conclusion
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