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Friends, we’ve come up with a very usefull post for you today, if you’re studying now and thinking about the job, it’s for you.

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Friends. you all read in Heading that what is NDA ? And NDA is about to talk about how to join.

Friends If you want to go to Army, you can easily find Army jobs with the help of NDA.

So let’s quickly read the post so that it is understandable what nda is . And how to apply for NDA.

What is NDA

NDA is the National Defence Academy of India, briefly known as NDA, the examination is conducted every year by the National Defence Academy.
After passing this test you can join one of the three armies of India, it is a joint test of recruitment to the three services.

The NDA exam takes place in the months of June and December every year, and after completing the NDA, you can work on any post of the three categories of Army, Army, Air Force and Nav Sena.

How to join NDA?

You don’t need to graduate to join NDA after passing 12th at National Defence Academy.

But if you want to join the Navy and the Air Force, you have to pass the 12Th from mathematics and physics.

Minimum age of a candidate to join NDA 16 – 1/2 The candidate should be from 2 to 19 years and the candidate should not be married , if you are married, you cannot join the NDA.

As I mentioned above, the NDA exam is conducted twice a year and the NDA is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (U.P.S.C.).

After the NDA exam is successful, there are many more exams like oral physical exams, and after doing Everything, you can go to the New, Land and Air Force.
You can apply to NDA by visiting this link, Apply Online NDA


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