What is Full Form of CBSE in India?

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Full Form of CBSE

in this post we will learn full form about CBSE today. and when the CBSE Board was set up? 

CBSE means Central Board of Secondary Education

CBSE‘s full form is the Central Board of Secondary Education.

CBSE Ka Full Form – केन्द्रीय माध्यमिक शिक्षा बोर्ड.

Founder of CBSE Board

The founder of the CBSE Board is not an ordinary person, the founder of CBSE Board is the Government of India itself. All the functions of the CBSE Boardsuch as schedule, Calendar, Exam, etc. are under the supervision of the Government of India.

When the CBSE Board was established

The CBSE Board was established on November 3, 1962, headquartered in Preet New Vihar Delhi, the capital of India, Delhi.

Currently, CBSE Board Chairman Rakesh Kumar mr. Chaturvedi and mr. Vineet JoshiCBSE‘s Branch is all over India, CBSE Board uses both Hindi and English in its Lesson.

The CBSE Board only gives its pattern to those schools recognized by the Government of India, cbse exams take place every year from February to March.


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