What is Computer Full Form ? Everybody should know this

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Computer Full Form – do You know what is the full form of the computer, you may not know, because I didn’t even know before writing this post.

What would you say if someone asked you what is Computer Ka Full Form? I would say that Computer is the full name, Computer’s Full Form is nothing.

These questions were asked by an 8th-grade boy, and i was sure to be confused, but somehow went out on an excuse, and came home to study all the basics of computer information – including what happens to Computer’s Full Form.

After studying, ironically, why not reach out to more people through a blog, but the Computer’s Full Form? Before you know about the basics, let us know about it.

What is Computer / Computer?

Computer is a machine that can edit the task according to certain instructions. More than that, Computer is an electronic device that accepts data with the help of input devices, processes them and provides those data as information with the help of output devices.

The Creator of Computer is Charles Babbage, who invented the computer in 1837. Then only the calculations that were done from the computer were that the computer was much larger and slower than it was today.

Computer’s Full Form / Computer Full Name

Computer’s Full Form has lots but Common Operating Machine is the main full name for Technological and Educational Research.

C – Common

O – Operating

M – Machine

P – Purposely

U – Used

T – Technological

E – Educational

R – Research

Hope you liked this post.

This was today’s post that explains what Computer’s Full Form is. Hope you liked this article.

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