How to Download Mpeg Video Media Files in Jio Phone | Top Jio Phone Facts.

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Hello friends all know that everyone is using Jio Phone tomorrow if it comes to Future Phone, every third person is using Jio Phone.

As we all know that Jio Phone also runs the Internet and can download limited applications, the cheap plan offers less data that prevents entertainment, but today I’ll tell you in detail how to download videos to Jio Phones.

Everyone wants to download videos and music in The Jio phone but not everyone knows this, so today we will tell you about it.

If you know this, you will be able to comfortably save the video to your memory card and watch it without the net when the net is finished.

Right Method of Video Load in own Mobile.

If you’re using Net Mobile for the first time, you’ll have a little difficulty but you’ll be able to download videos very easily if you’ve used a Smart Phone with the Internet in the past.

How to download videos on Jio phone tells you in an easy way that you can follow those steps and download the video very easily.

As the first video you want to download is to search the browser, you will find all the videos and movies on YouTube so you can open YouTube on the browser.

Once YouTube is open, you’ll see something on the screen like the image above, now you have to click on the URL, click on the URL and search for the URL by making some changes.

When you search by typing Ss, you’ll automatically redirect to the video downloader site from where you can download videos according to your preferred quality.

Once the page is open, you need to filter the video quality as you need, you can also download YouTube videos to MP 3 and watch the image below.

This way you can easily download videos of Youtube into your Jio Phone,

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