How to Do Patym Kyc | New Method in 2019

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The government has made Aadhaar mandatory for Paytm users. You cannot use your Paytm wallet without Kyc. Read the post in full.

After Paytm Kyc, the user gets a lot of benefits from those who don’t upgrade Paytm Wallet to get Vip user’s special status

If you are going to use Paytm then do it, this post is for you because today we will tell you how we can do Paytm Kyc at home.

Today I will tell you in detail in this post how you can kyc in Paytm, and save a lot of your time by linking Paytm to Aadhaar card.

I’ll also tell you how to update your Kyc and you’ll know what is the benefits of doing Kyc. Be sure to read the post as it’s very work information for you and your Paytm Account.

How to Do Patym Kyc

before you know it that what is Kyc, you should also know about that.

Full Form of KYC  
So if you know the full form of Kyc. Know Your Custmer, if spoken in Hindi language, your customer’s identity has to be checked.

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had made kyc mandatory for every Finacial facility from 2017, if you want to create an online account and use it in that Wallet, Kyc must be done.

The main purpose of KYC is not to create one person’s account twice, and that banking facility should not be misused when one is not allowed to go.

Making it mandatory for the government to make Kyc an attempt to open an account by mis-aware while creating a fake account can be stopped without Kyc.

 Document used in Paytm Kyc
In addition to opening an account with the bank, you may need to fill out the KYC form on taking a loan from the Bank, taking A Bank Locker, getting a Credit Card, buying a Mutual Fund, post office and Insuarance etc.

It is mandatory to fill up the KYC form for bank transactions and for opening an account, if you do not fill out the form, the bank may also refuse to open the account.

Banks can also better understand their customers by KYC to understand their transactions well, the bank takes the customer’s identity, name address and address papers for KYC.

Types of Paytm Kyc
On Paytm, you can do Kyc from both yourself and Paytm Agent, Paytm is currently providing three types of KYC users, and the three Kyc has different benefits.

If you use Paytm every day or want to do it, get Paytm Wallet done through Agent.

Paytm is currently accepting three types of Kyc, Mini Kyc, Self Kyc, Full Kyc three Kyc different – different advantages you must have read above – as well as Wallet’s limit.

Paytm Mini Kyc 
Mini Kyc refers to the Kyc we can do through Pan Card, Passport, and Identity Card

Prompt will appear on the screen for Kyc as soon as you open the Paytm App and click the passbook.

You can complete your Paytm Mini Kyc with the above documents from the same. Make sure that Paytm Mini Kyc verify the document’s number by typing the name and number correctly and the way the name is written on the document.

This way your Mini Kyc will be completed in a few minutes and you will be able to use Paytm Wallet, Paytm Mini Kyc is not available for Paytm Bank.

Paytm Self Kyc
Paytm Self Kyc is also very easy, you can very easily do Paytm Self Kyc self KYC is a base card without Aadhaar card we can’t do self KYC.

As soon as you open the Paytm App to Self Kyc, you will see the option of Kyc and you will be asked for Aadhar Card and another document.

Note that the same name in both the documents will otherwise be your Kyc not complete, as soon as you enter the Aadhaar number you will receive an Otp on the registered number in your Aadhaar card and your Paytm Self Kyc will be successfully completed as soon as you submit it.

How to Do Patym Kyc

The only only way to Paytm Full Kyc is to go to Paytm Full Kyc we own the agent, in many places Paytm Agent comes to the house on its own and Paytm Kyc.

You can also find out once whether this facility is available on Your Location, I did my Kyc this way, such a feature is available in cities.

If such a feature is not available in your Location, you can locate the Agent with your Pin Code, you will get the agent name, address and Contact Number from the same location.

Open Paytm App to Paytm Full Kyc and click on Kyc, you’ll see To Complete ‘Kyc’ without Aadhar written in Footer.

Clicking on it will open a new screen in your Device in this way and you will be asked for your Area Pin Code.

You’ll find The Adress, Name and Contact Number of Agent’s Store as soon as you enter the Pin Code of the Area.

You can go to the agent and get Paytm Kyc for your Paytm, so you can easily complete your Kyc.

Paytm Kyc Kaise Kare you may have come to know about it completely now if you have any problems anywhere you can ask us by commiting your question in the Comment Box.

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